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Road Construction in the 6700 and 6800 blocks of West Grand Blvd.
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Due to increased temperatures, the Sanitation Department will start at 6:30 am. June 27, 2019 thru September 3, 2019. For questions or concerns, contact the Public Works Department at 405-843-5222.
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City of Nichols
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6407 Avondale Drive
Nichols Hills, OK 73116
6407 Avondale Drive
Nichols Hills, OK 73116
Phone: (405) 843-5672
Fax: (405) 840-4936
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Hours: 24 hrs / day. 7days /week
Parking Ordinances

Sec. 22-114.  Parking prohibited during certain hours.

  • (a)     Where official signs are erected giving notice that parking is prohibited during certain hours, no person shall park a vehicle upon that portion of the street so designated.
  • (b)     No person shall park a vehicle on any street in the City of Nichols Hills between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. of any day of the week. (Code 1989, 20-118) 

Sec. 22-115.  Parking time limited. 

  • (a) No person shall park a vehicle longer than the period designated upon the official signs at any designated time or place on any day.
  • (b)     No person shall move his vehicle in any manner or leave a parking space and then re-enter it to avoid the intent of this section. (Code 1989, 20-119(a), (b))

Sec. 22-116.  Effective hours of time limits.

All parking limit regulations, unless specifically provided otherwise, shall be in force and effect between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (Code 1989, 20-120) 

Sec. 22-117.  Commercial vehicles.

No person shall park a commercial vehicle at any time opposite another vehicle on a street 36 feet or less in width. (Code 1989, 20-107(i)) 

Sec. 22-118.  Alley Parking.

  • (a) No person, other than commercial drivers as provided by this section, may be parked in any alley at any time unless special written permission be granted by the city manager.
  • (b) Commercial vehicle drivers may park in alleys for periods not to exceed 15 minutes while actually engaged in loading or unloading.
  • (c) No person shall park a vehicle in any alleyway at any time unless such vehicle is parked on the righthand side of such alley and is headed in the direction in which traffic is designated to move through such alley except as otherwise provided by traffic control devices.
  • (d) No person shall park in any alley for any purpose in a manner which will block the alley or prevent other vehicles from moving through such alley.

A complete and searchable listing of Nichols Hills City Code is also available online.


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